Appreciation for the Morrison Police

Police Appr To show appreciation for all the Morrison Police Department does for the community, several Resthave Home Residents delivered lunch to the Morrison Police Department on Monday, August 1st 2016. Included in the lunch were the Whiteside County Fair's 2016 Blue Ribbon winning chocolate chip cookies that Resthave's dietary manager Tawyna Denning makes! The Residents enjoyed being able to personally thank the officers for the work they do. Pictured are Resthave Residents Carlene Beveroth and Hubert Londo and Officer Kevin Soenksen and Police Chief Brian Melton.

2016 Walk and Wheel

Thanks to some AMAZING volunteers - our residents get some extra time outside! These volunteers recruit their own new volunteers to keep the walk and wheel activity at Resthave going. They take time out of their very busy schedules to brighten our residents' days throughout spring, summer and fall as the weather permits - every week! Thank you volunteers!!!!! :) What a great group of people!! We would encourage anyone reading this to thank these individuals for what they do if you see them - they really are caring and kind individuals.... And Resthave is blessed with so many other volunteers as well! Thank you all!WW4


Father's Day Lunch and Car Show, 2016

Resthave Home held a car show and lunch in honor of Father's day on Monday, June 16, 2016. Families and friends came to dine with their dads in Resthave's assisted living lounge rather than outdoors due to the extreme heat. Hot dogs grilled by volunteer John Bauscher were served along with chips, pickle and root beer floats. Rice Krispie treats made to look like stop signs and donuts that looked like old tires were also available and several give aways were awarded. After lunch many braved the heat to enjoy the car show. A special thanks to Mark Schuler for arranging the car show and for those that took time out of their hectic schedules to bring their cars for everyone to appreciate.



2016 Ice Cream Social



Resthave Home held its annual Ice Cream Social Thursday, June 16th, 2016. Just over 300 people attended the social on the beautiful summer evening. The area churches once again donated the delicious baked goods and the fabulous Ukulele Connection musicians entertained in the picturesque courtyard. The event was a great success thanks to Resthave's Auxiliary Board, staff and volunteers as well as those mentioned above that worked so hard and supported Resthave. A huge thank you to all of the community members that also showed their support by attending - a great evening of fun and socializing!