2016 Homecoming Royalty

We elected our first Homecoming Kings and Queens of Assisted Living and Nursing recently. Voting was open to Residents, families, visitors and staff. This year’s assisted living king was Marvin Hook and queen was Marge Kettler. Nursing’s king was Ed Abbott and queen was Florence Tripp. Residents were able to ride in the Morrison homecoming parade in cars provided by Kenny and Nancy VenHuizen who own a 66 Plymouth Fury 3 convertible and Carolyn and Frank Freas who own a 1963 ½ Ford Falcon convertible. The kings and queens wore crowns, sashes and boutonnieres or corsages and shirts that said “Resthave Loves Our Mustangs”. Staff and family members, wearing the same matching shirts, walked alongside the cars holding banners or handing out flyers and beads. Resthave would like to thank staff and family that participated in the event and especially those that provided the cars that made the event such a great success!

HCHC3HomecomingHC 2